Thank you Clonazepam!

I am a woman in her late thirties and I am married. My husband and I have three beautiful children the eldest of which already has his own child. We have always got along quite well and I can say that we generally live a good life without a lot of stress, pressure and anxiety. However, not so long ago, this changed and the reason for this was a condition that I found myself in.

Actually, as I said we were a normal family which was growing, but I started experiencing some strange changes in my mood. I would get nervous for no reason or find myself afraid of something. I thought it might be a normal condition for a woman who is about to turn forty, but these changes became more drastic and I was getting really worried. I was not sure what to do.

Then I thought I was not getting enough physical exercise and that I had to spend that energy on something so I introduced everyday walks and sometimes even jogging. However, two or three weeks passed and my condition was only getting worse. Anxiety was more intense and I would even catch myself in panic. I decided to talk to my husband about this. When I told him everything that had been going on, he was slightly angry because I did not tell him before, but he soon calmed down and suggested that I should see a doctor detalhado.

I was not really willing to do so for I still thought this might go away, but my husband insisted and eventually had to take his advice. I made an appointment and soon was at the doctor’s. The doctor was a very nice and pleasant lady who listened carefully to everything I told her and after I underwent some tests she calmed me down by saying that my condition was not as serious as it could be. Actually, I had some kind of panic disorder but it could be cured if treated right. The doctor prescribed me Clonazepam and explained very clearly how I should take it and how I should behave while the treatment is ongoing.

And so my husband and I went home somewhat satisfied to know that I was going to be healthy eventually. I started the treatment right away and after only a few weeks I was back to my original state. Of course, I had to take the medication a little more after for the condition to be cured completely.

To conclude with, I may only recommend Clonazepam to all of you who experience similar symptoms. Do not wait too long but go to the doctor’s immediately. Clonazepam brought me back to normal, it made the anxiety and panicky feelings go away and I am sure it will help you as well. So, do not waste your time – go to the doctor’s, get your Clonazepam prescription and all you have to do after this is feel the powerful effects of the drug.